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inguinal hernia has, inguinal hernia causes, diagnosis of inguinal hernia how is it diagnosed and in whom it is seen risks of inguinal hernia and treatment and inguinal hernia surgery is presented.

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I was born in Ankara in 1976. I graduated from Konya/Akşehir Selcuklu High School in 1993. I completed my medical education by studying at Uludag University Faculty of Medicine between 1993-2000. Between 2001-2007, I worked in Bursa Cekirge State Hospital emergency service, increasing my knowledge and experience in the treatment of emergency diseases.

He specialized in general surgery as a hematological disease “Kr. I completed my thesis titled “Long-term results of medical and surgical treatment of ITP” at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery and became a General Surgery Specialist (2008-2013).

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Doctor Ersoy Taşpınar

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Soru Sor
General Surgery Specialist



First of all, by approaching my patients as a member of my family and empathizing with them, more than 1500 successful bariatric surgeries (tube stomach and gastric bypass) and diabetes surgeries, nearly 1000 breast and thyroid surgeries and many more closed cases. I have been serving my patients for years with hernia surgeries. With the detailed information and alternative methods I apply, I make my patients feel safe and I carry out the whole treatment process with my team. By maintaining my personal communication with all my patients during the pre- and post-operative period, I provide you with a support that you will never be alone. My patients have been reaching me at Bursa Medicana Hospital since January 1, 2018.

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