One of the most common complaints among women is breast pain. 2/3 of women experience breast pain at some point in their lives. Most of these patients do not consult a physician.

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Give importance to early diagnosis!

Early Detection Saves Lives

In the last 20 years, great progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in women. Thanks to early diagnosis, surgical options that protect the breast and the chance of long-term survival have increased.

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Breast Self Examination

Breast examination is very important to prevent breast cancer and to catch breast cancer at an early stage. When breast cancer is treated when it is a small mass in the breast, it can be treated with nearly 100% success.

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Breast Cancer

If there is a palpable mass in the breast or armpit of the person, if there is a unilateral bloody discharge on the nipple, if there is collapse in the nipple, if there is a deformity in the breast skin, if there is a redness on the skin, if there are wounds that do not heal …

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Nothing to Fear

The Treatment of Breast Cancer is Possible

It occurs with the uncontrolled proliferation of milk-forming cells that form the milk duct in the mammary tissue. Breast cancer accounts for 33% of cancers in women. It threatens 20% of all cancer patients.

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Armed with over 15 years of experience, Op. Dr. Ersoy Taşpınar has the necessary skills and knowledge

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Op. Dr. Ersoy Taşpınar guarantees to provide a safe and quality service to his patients.

Doctor Ersoy Taşpınar

Who is it?

I was born in Ankara in 1976. I graduated from Konya/Akşehir Selcuklu High School in 1993. I completed my medical education by studying at Uludag University Faculty of Medicine between 1993-2000. Between 2001-2007, I worked in Bursa Cekirge State Hospital emergency service, increasing my knowledge and experience in the treatment of emergency diseases.

He specializes in general surgery as a hematological disease, “Cr. I became a General Surgery Specialist after completing my thesis titled “Long-term results of medical and surgical treatment of ITP” at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery (2008-2013).

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Doctor Ersoy Taşpınar

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Meme Kanseri Nedir?

Meme dokusundaki süt kanalını oluşturan ve süt yapıcı hücrelerin kontrolsüz olarak çoğalmasıyla ortaya çıkar. Meme kanseri kadınlarda görülen kanserle

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Meme kanseri için risk faktörleri

Kadın : Kadın olmak meme kanseri oluşum riskini artırır. Fakat meme kanseri olan her 100 kadına karşılık 1 erkekte aynı hastalık görülebilir. Yaş: Yaş

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Meme Kanseri Belirtileri

Memede ele gelen kitleler her zaman kanser anlamına mı gelir ? Biyopsi ne zaman istenir? Tabi ki her zaman kanser olmayabilir. Memedeki kitlelerin çoğ

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Meme Kanseri Türleri

Meme kanseri türleri biyopsi ile alınan doku üzerinde yapılan patoloji incelemesi sonucunda belirlenir.  Meme kanserinin bir çok türü bulunmasına rağm

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Meme Kanseri Evreleri

Meme kanseri yavaş ilerleyen bir kanser türüdür. 5-7 yıl içerisinde 1 cm büyüklüğe erişen tümör, önce lenf kanalları ile koltuk altı lenf bezlerine s

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Meme Kanseri Tedavisi

Günümüzde meme kanseri tedavisinde kaydedilen önemli gelişmeler ve yeni tedavi seçenekleri ile hastalığın teşhisi ve tedavisi daha kolay ve başarılı h

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Soru Sor
General Surgery Specialist



First of all, by approaching my patients as a member of my family and empathizing with them, more than 1500 successful bariatric surgeries (tube stomach and gastric bypass) and diabetes surgeries, nearly 1000 breast and thyroid surgeries and many more closed cases. I have been serving my patients for years with hernia surgeries. With the detailed information and alternative methods I apply, I make my patients feel safe and I carry out the whole treatment process with my team. By maintaining my personal communication with all my patients during the pre- and post-operative period, I provide you with a support that you will never be alone. My patients have been reaching me at Bursa Medicana Hospital since January 1, 2018.


Please let me know what you’re curious about…


Greetings and good health…

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